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Image of Spellbound Forest

Spellbound Forest

$9.00 - Coming soon

fir & pine needles / balsam resin / sylvan herbs / a touch of smoke

A gorgeous forest full of conifers rises before you. Pine needles sway in the wind & golden light slices through the boughs of fir trees. On the bark of spruce trees, amber crystals of sweet resin glisten. You come across a hidden clearing, where herbs grow in fragrant clumps, beckoning you to walk among them. You are so entranced by the forest, you fail to notice the thin line of smoke rising behind you.


As with all of my candles, this is hand made in very small batches with additive-free American grown soy, pthalate-free fragrance oil, & a cotton wick in a reusable tin.

Please note that candles may take up to 2 weeks to pour & cure, then 3-5 days to ship.

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