A Dark House
Image of Fire at the Mill

Fire at the Mill

$9.00 - Coming soon

cedarwood / wood-smoke / vanilla

Before you, a great mill burns, flames leaping from broken windows. The air is filled with the sharp crackle of burning wood & billowing clouds of black smoke. Cedar sawdust from the milled boards swirls in the wind, along with flakes of ash. As these scents reach out to envelop you, you are surprised to find that even amidst all this destruction, there's still a sweetness to the air.


As with all of my candles, this is hand made in very small batches with additive-free American grown soy, pthalate-free fragrance oil, & a cotton wick in a reusable tin.

Please note that candles may take up to 2 weeks to pour & cure, then 3-5 days to ship.

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