A Dark House
Image of The Sleeping Hive

The Sleeping Hive

$9.00 - Coming soon

smoky honey / dried fruit peels / powdered floral

At midnight, you part a curtain of climbing vines, the sweet flowers dusting you with pollen. In the evening stillness you see a huge hive that glows golden, even in the thin moonlight. The ground is littered with discarded fruit & dried peels, as if from many nights of feasting. Rich honey oozes from the silent combs & you long to reach out & taste some. What could it hurt? They're all asleep, aren't they?


As with all of my candles, this is hand made in very small batches with additive-free American grown soy, pthalate-free fragrance oil, & a cotton wick in a reusable tin.

Please note that candles may take up to 2 weeks to pour & cure, then 3-5 days to ship.

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